This page is here and not here, evolving into the verge of a moment.
Why not get lost in metaphysical surfing while you're here.

...if you're really here. . .


Philosophy On The Net

The Internet Encyclopedia
      Of Philosophy

World Culture

Spiritual Practices


A Prayer For These Times

Sacred Texts (Religious Tolerance And Scholarship)

Beliefnet (great source to explore faiths of this Earth)

The Holy Quran    (English Translation)


Islam For Children   (Might as well start with the
             basics and learn about Islam.  To understand is to defeat hatred!)

Sacred Space (Jesuits Online Prayers)

Soul Online (An Interesting Link!)

Karma2Grace (Christianity & Hinduism)



harmony with self

easier to catch the clouds

climbing waterfalls

universal truth

keeps hiding from the answers

as long as we ask

bliss for the taking

always taken for granted

less for the trying


safe from the likes of your mind

you total stranger


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A man's mind may make him a Buddha, or it may make him a beast.
Misled by error, one becomes a demon; enlightened, one becomes a Buddha.
Therefore, control your mind and do not let it deviate from the right path.

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