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Kailua-Kona Fishing August 2005

Pier Fishing In California

Minnow Magnet's Fishing Page (This Rising Star Knows The Water)

THE LOVE LAB (Just Amazing Stuff About Pacific Fish)

The Mitten Crab Home Page--know the enemy

The Department Of Fish & Game 

The Department Of Fish & Game Marine Page (Saltwater Regulations)

Leapin' Bass (Southern California Based But Still A Very Handy Resource)

Sportfishing Boats (when shoreliners have lost hope )



North Delta

South Delta

More Delta

East Bay Regional Parks & Trails


The Angler's Edge: Bay Area Freshwater Information

Northern California Urban Parks: More Freshwater Resources

Pete Ottesen's Report In The Stockton Record Net (look for "outdoors")

Calfornia Delta Weekly Report

Catfish Ed (Whisker Fish Authority)


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